Michelle DuQuette

Michelle is a strategic marketing consultant who has been designing intentional event experiences and building global communities across the EdTech ecosystem since 2014. Recently, she has led the development of the community strategy for EmpowerED, a 3-year EU funded project for creating a new European EdTech community. Michelle also strategically supports a range of clients including University College London (UCL), Amazon Web Services, European EdTech Alliance, EdTech Evidence Group, EdTech Impact, EdTech Labs and many more. Before founding her marketing consultancy the Meraki Method in 2021, she was the Head of Marketing and Partnerships for the largest thought leadership EdTech summit in Europe, EdTechX for 7 years, also co-founding the celebratory event series London EdTech Week in 2016. She holds a Masters of Arts degree in International Communications and Media Studies from the University of Leeds with academic expertise focused on media literacy and the continuously evolving relationship between the media and foreign policy.

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Position: Strategic Adviser on Digital Engagement