Learning and Working with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is beginning to redesign the knowledge industry. What does it mean for those who use it? And for those who design it? What new occupations are emerging? What added value, risks, and potential do we face?
The race towards the integration of artificial intelligence into many areas of our lives is progressing faster and faster, requiring a reinterpretation of the very concept of many of the processes it touches, particularly those of the world of work and learning. On the one hand, it can bring significant improvements in performance, the development of new skills, and the automation of repetitive tasks, as well as the creation of new pedagogies. On the other hand, it can pose challenges in terms of information management and impact on human resources, which it is essential to understand.
By offering both concrete and varied perspectives, this programme explores the challenges of applying and regulating Artificial Intelligence, as well as informing (and educating) businesses and professionals about the state of the art in terms of technical, legal, organizational, and scientific choices regarding the application of AI in work and education.