EdTech: Tools for innovation.

What technological frontiers are learning, training, and work heading towards? If investment and technological innovation trends in training and education show steady growth worldwide, why does UNESCO speak of an ````EdTech tragedy````?
What does it mean to invest in human technology, and what are the best ways to do so?
Ed-Tech tools can create more effective, accessible, and engaging learning experiences at all levels through the application of emerging technologies.
This program explores and represents the state of the art in EdTech, HRTech, and HumanTech innovations, also touching on sports, well-being, welfare, and personal care. It includes meetings with industry investors, open innovation workshops, international meetings on the state of European EdTech and public policies, and meetings with the best startups in the sector.
It is also the responsibility of educators and trainers to explore the potential uses and most advantageous synergies with their own environment of action.
This program responds to this need by providing a comprehensive overview of the evolution of technologies for training and education and proposing open innovation as a privileged means for the training industry.