21st Century Skills and the future of work

What is the future of work and what are its levers?
What are the skills of the 21st century and who is able to define them?
The current world of work has a dual and complex nature, consisting of both openings and pushes towards the future, but also of unresolved structural and social issues. At its core, there are two crucial, indispensable elements: the value and the quality of work.
Is it possible to tackle today's problems, such as skill mismatch, NEETs, and gender disparities in employment, with tomorrow's solutions? To do so, it becomes essential to understand the changes that influence organizations, workers, and professionals, and to value the models that these changes can govern.
This program analyzes, on one hand, the theme of skills mismatch, paying attention to the evolution of skills and transformative models of upskilling and reskilling. On the other hand, existing or imagined policies that can improve the quality of work and its placement in society will also be considered.